RESTARTHealth (Uganda)

RESTARTHealth (Renewable Energy Systems to Enable Recovery through the Health Sector) project is one of the winners of the Polisocial Award initiative of 2021. It is expected to last one year from the beginning of 2022.

The Polisocial Award initiative is financed with funds from the 5 per thousand of IRPEF and supports the development of scientific research with high social impact of the Politecnico di Milano. The theme of the Polisocial Award 2021 is “Equity and Recovery”.

The health emergency, which we are still experiencing, has contributed to exacerbate imbalances and marginality and to make concrete the risk of an increase in internal disparities between countries. The funded projects will act in a perspective of economic, social and cultural recovery, promoting the development of methods, strategies, tools and technologies to reduce inequalities and facilitate access to resources and opportunities for people, social groups or communities particularly vulnerable.

The project will focus on St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor (LH), located in Gulu District (Northern Uganda) along with 3 smaller rural health centers that refer directly to it. The project is developed in collaboration with local NGOs and partner institutions.

The project aims to strengthen health infrastructures and related community services in sub-Saharan Africa by studying efficient energy management for hybrid microgrids in dual on-grid and off-grid mode and establishing general guidelines. Our goal, in collaboration with the Management and Mechanical Engineering departments, is to ensure a more reliable and appropriate energy system by providing tools for efficient management of hybrid microgrids, promoting related business development and local entrepreneurship.