Master thesis projects


Nour Mohamed Esawe Ahmed

Thesis title: GIS-based planning of rural distribution grid using MILP approach

Development of a MILP based procedure for MV grid optimal planning, considering voltage drops and feeders’ loading.

Carla Ortiz Dominiguez

Thesis title: Optimal distribution susbtations placement for an effective electrification strategy in developing countries

Study and comparison of clustering procedures for the optimal secondary substations placement.

Stefano Meneghello

Thesis title: Energy sharing in renewable energy
communities: the Italian case

Development of a tool that simulates energy flows and evaluates the
economic feasibility of Renewable Energy Communities in the Italian

Pierluca Burcheri

Thesis title: Multi-Objective Approach for Energy Planning in Energy Communities

Development of a multiobjective MILP procedure for the evaluation of optimal evolution of energy communities.

Vinicius Gadelha Teixeira Filho

Thesis title: GIS-based strategy for distribution planning in rural areas

Development of a topological grid routing algorithm able to size main branches and collaterals of a MV grid.

Helen Córdoba

Thesis title: Effective Management of Aggregated Energy Storage Systems at Domestic Level for Self-Consumption and Frequency Regulation

This study addresses the issue of increasing the flexibility resources of the Italian electric power system through the participation of the demand in the market, focusing on the analysis at a domestic level.


Tommaso Carnovali, Darlain Edeme

Thesis title: GISEle: an innovative GIS based approach for electric network routing

Development of an open source, python based, procedure, for the the design of the optimal electrification strategy in developing countries

Alberto Gallizia

Thesis title: GIS tool for electric grid modelling, operation and planning

Development of a semi-automatic python based procedure for generating electric grid models starting from GIS data

Leonardo Ernesto Eli Sanchez Calderin

Thesis title: Q-GIS approach for rural electrification: the Puerto Carreno-Colombia case study

Design of the optimal distribution grid of a small village in Colombia using GIS and graph theory techniques

Martino Alborghetti, Claudio Di Profio

Thesis title: BESS Energy Management Strategies for Multiple Ancillary Services Provision

Verify the ability of a Battery Energy Storage System in providing Ancillary Services to the electrical grid. Primary Control Reserve and Secondary Control Reserve provision are investigated.


Alice Alaimo, Alberto Maria Zanolini

Thesis title: Design of a model for micro-grid simulations: the case of St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital

Development of a model for the optimal design of a micro-grid
system connected to the national electricity grid, based on the implementation of diesel
generators, photovoltaic panels and storage systems.

Giuliano Rancilio

Thesis title: Effective Management of Aggregated Energy Storage Systems at Domestic Level for Self-Consumption and Frequency Regulation

Simulation of the behavior of a Battery Energy Storage System providing grid services in the context of an Ancillary Services Market . Multiple services are modeled in Simulink on a 30-days period using an electric and an empirical Li-ion battery model.