Energy communities

Following the ongoing trends in European and Italian regulatory frameworks, E4G has recently extended its research activities to the topic of energy communities. Different projects with CVA (Compagnia Valdostana Acque) and COA Energia Finaosta (Centro Osservazione e Attività sull’Energia) have been activated with the goal of studying the potential of the development of energy communities in Valle d’Aosta region.

Energy communities were the research focus of the PhD candidate Matteo Moncecchi and have been studied within different master thesis projects.

PhD Thesis

Matteo Moncecchi

Thesis title: Renewable energy communities

MSc Thesis

Stefano Meneghello

Thesis title: Energy sharing in renewable energy communities: the Italian case

Development of a tool that simulates energy flows and evaluates the
economic feasibility of Renewable Energy Communities in the Italian

Pierluca Burcheri

Thesis title: Multi-Objective Approach for Energy Planning in Energy Communities

Development of a multiobjective MILP procedure for the evaluation of optimal evolution of energy communities.

Elena Guarneri

Thesis title: Smart Villages and Energy Communities:
a real case study in Valle d’Aosta

Federico De Santi

Thesis title: Renewable Energy Communities in the EU: transposition status, optimal sizing and citizen relationship in Italy


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M. Moncecchi, S. Meneghello and M. Merlo,
Energy Sharing in Renewable Energy Communities: the Italian Case
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A Game Theoretic Approach for Energy Sharing in the Italian Renewable Energy Communities. 
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